Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 3 of our Birthday Party!

Welcome to the Christmas is About Jesus Virtual Birthday Party!
What fun we are having!
Today we are celebrating at Working Writers and Bloggers.
Monday Elaine Littau posted her interview with author Mukkove Johnson.
Tuesday Mukkove guest posted about "Redeeming the Sights of Christmas" on Little Life Lessons.
Join us tomorrow at Christian Authors: Book Launch for another interview with author Mukkove Johnson.
Tomorrow you can also stop by Mukkove Johnson - Christian Author  on facebook to “chat” with Mukkove she’ll be there from at least 11am – 3pm Alaska time.
Invite your friends!
Remember your gifts!
Gifts - What's a birthday party without gifts! Here's how to get yours:
For the printable coloring pages and ornaments to match the devotions email me @ with "gifts" in the subject line. I'll get them to your inbox.

I'm giving away one Christmas is About Jesus gift set. Gift set includes 1 paperback, 1 matching journal, and 1 printed and strung set of ornaments. You can enter as many times as you like. 
Enter by commenting between October 17 and 20 on any of my co-hosts blogs for the birthday party: Elaine LittauLittle Life LessonsWorking Writers and Bloggers, and Christian Authors: Book Launch. Leave a comment on this blog, Kove’s Blog or my website, Kove's Cove. Like Mukkove Johnson - Christian Author on Facebook & Christmas is About Jesus on Facebook. And finally sign up for Encouragement from Kove's Cove. Use the link on the right or click here if you're on facebook: Encouragement from Kove's Cove

 Many ways to enter. I hope you enjoy the party and take home something worth keeping as well!

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