Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5 * St. Nicholas

Serve Jesus by Giving

St. Nicholas, Santa so many different views. I'll share mine at the end for anyone who is interested. First the activity ideas and links.

This site has stories, activities and crafts about the real Saint Nicholas. The link above takes you to the stories page.

The Life of Saint Nicholas gives a good history with pictures for the smaller ones.

Saint Nicholas of Myra The Cheerful Giver
is a shorter story with pictures.

Decide how your family can be more generous this Christmas. I know there are many good organizations that do things for Christmas. Our family chooses to donate to Angel Tree through the Salvation Army. I like that they know the real meaning of Christmas and in our area there is a chance for personal contact with volunteers. We don't have a large budget so we make things to donate- hats, blankets, doll accessories, jewelry and toys, as well as gifts we may have gotten through the year that we did not want for one reason or another. Samaritan's Purse is another one I like, but I don't always remember in time. The site looks like it has many options and ways to give.

Now my thoughts on Santa. If you don't care, or may be offended please stop now

We decided when our first son was born that we would not do Santa. The idea of Santa watching and keeping score, bringing gifts from our wish list - only if we're good - is far too much like some people's idea of God. We did not like the idea of our children expecting and receiving gifts from someone they don't know; rather we felt it was important for them to know they received gifts from people who know and love them. There is also the idea that some children, because of their thinking and personalities, will at least consider rejecting God because their parents told them Santa was real, then they find out their parents basically lied to them about Santa. This was not a chance I was willing to take for some "fun" memories. There are countless other ways to make fun memories. I also don't see it wise to put so much energy into deception for children you are going to one day try to train to be honest. I guess that's probably enough of my opinion on this. 

We chose instead to study the real person who is a good role model. If you made it this far, thank you, and know I am not judging or telling you what should happen in your family. You know what happens in my family and some of the thinking behind it. This thinking is part of where Christmas is About Jesus began.

What ways has your family found to be generous?
What can you give besides gifts or money?

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