Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6 * Hats

Jesus is King of Kings
On his robe and on his leg was written this name "King of Kings and Lord of Lords". Revelation 19:6

A crown of thorns may not seem to fit with Christmas, but really Christmas would have been an empty gesture without the cross. The Tale of Three Trees is a great story that shares about Christmas and Easter. If you don't have the book you can read it here. Here is a song of the story, with pictures.

Here are a couple of animated videos Kids 4 Truth. Christmas Message eludes to the crown of thorns.

Watchmaker is one that I just really like :)

For fun you can do a search for "hats" on Google just to see how many different hats there are. When I did this there was only one questionable picture that came up in 13 pages.

You could also make crowns for all the royalty in your house.

First Palette Kids Crafts has 9 crown patterns you can choose from to print and create.

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