Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9 * Fruit

Jesus is the Vine
If you have a plant in your house, or live where they are still "alive" outside. cut off a leave or stalk and have your children observe it over the next few days.

Discuss what it means to be "connected" to Jesus. Use example of real relationships your children have. They are "connected" to me in the sense that I am communicating thoughts to them through my writing, but unless we talk or write there is no more connection.

Make a fruit salad.

Here's a coloring page that has nine different fruits all labeled.

Here are a few videos teaching the fruit of the Spirit.

A cute little girl recites all nine in this clip.

This one is a song by Gary Strickland.

This one was kind of odd, but I thought had really good clues for remembering the fruit.

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